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Shanghai Anchorman Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereafter as Anchorman or Anchorman Biotech), founded in October 2021, is a research and production company specializing in biopharmaceutical consumables. Our operations and R&D center are based in the Zhongshan Science and Technology Park, Songjiang, Shanghai.

Led by co-founders Dr. Frank Jin and Dr. Daniel Ding, our team possesses extensive industry-leading expertise in product development, business operations, and domestic and international market expansion.

Through strategic collaborations with prominent industry companies, universities, and research institutes, Anchorman Biotech has established a comprehensive system encompassing resin formulation, raw material supply chain, large-scale production, and applications of single use technology. Our multilayer coextruded bioprocessing film demonstrates excellent performance on par with leading brand.

Anchorman Biotech prioritizes independent research and development, fueled by technological innovation, aiming to make significant contributions towards resolving the challenges faced by the biopharmaceutical consumables market.
Our Vision
To be a leading supplier of consumables in the biopharmaceutical industry
Our Mission
To contribute to resolving the challenges faced by biopharmaceutical consumables industry.
Corporate Values
Professionalism: Dedicated to understanding customer needs through expertise and skills.
Innovation: Propelling constant technological innovation to meet evolving customer demands.
Quality: Embracing a spirit of craftsmanship, pursuing excellence, and delivering premium products and services to customers.


2021.10  Company founded

2021.11  Signed contract for settlement in Zhongshan Science and Technology Park

2022.03  Successful large-scale industrial trial production of multilayer coextruded bioprocessing film

Entrepreneurial Team

Co-founder and Chairman, Dr. Frank Jin: Holds a Bachelor's and Ph.D. degrees in Biochemical Engineering from East China University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Jin has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical equipment and medical device industry in China. He was among the first group of individuals to transition from state-owned enterprises to foreign-funded companies, achieving success as a senior manager. Driven by his extensive expertise, he is converting himself from a corporate manager to an entrepreneur, dedicated to establishing Anchorman Biotechnology as a company driven by technological innovation. His vision is to contribute to solving the bottleneck challenges in the biopharmaceutical consumables market in China and developing countries, making a meaningful impact on industry progress and society. 

Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Daniel Ding: Holds a Bachelor's and Ph.D. degrees in Biochemical Engineering from East China University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Ding is a renowned expert in bioreactors and intelligent manufacturing within the field of biopharmaceutical equipment. He served as the project leader for the cGMP bioreactor research project under the National 863 Program. With extensive experience working in North America and Europe, including roles as managing director of a leading U.S. EPCMV company and CEO of a Swedish modular engineering company, he also played a vital role in two Hong Kong listed biopharmaceutical equipment companies in China as Vice President. Dr. Ding possesses valuable insights in shaping organizational vision, fomulating future-oriented strategic plans, and achieving long-term business growth through organic expansion and external acquisitions.

Dr. Ding began serving as a guest professor in the Master's program of the School of Bioengineering at East China University of Science and Technology in the autumn of 2021.

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